Tim has been building trucks and cars since 1984 starting out in a small shop east of Guthrie, Oklahoma.
For many years Tim specialized in Lincoln Town Cars, buying wrecked vehicles from insurance pools and
rebuilding them to exacting standards. Over time he built a loyal base of satisfied customers that bought hundreds
of "rebuilt" cars across the U.S.
In 1995 due to the birth of his sixth child Tim was in a quandary about how he was going to haul his family around.
This is when the idea of building a "stretched" pickup came to him. Tim started work on a Ford F-250 that he could use not only to carry his family in but also use to pull their 35' fifth wheel camper trailer.

This truck was so successful and garnered so many positive comments that it wasn't long before Tim was building stretched trucks and SUV's for other large families and himself...as his own family  kept growing!

Most of our conversions are sold to large families across the U.S. If this looks like something that would work for your family or company CABT is ready to build your Truck or SUV for you.

Tim's first custom conversion...

A "Chopped" 1947 Ford truck built in 1976!

Let us build you a safe dependable truck in 2023!
Custom Autos by Tim...The Stretch Truck Company