2004/5 7.3L Urban Escape Vehicle Six Door Excursions
We have built several of these and can duplicate one for you too!
An X with a 7.3L diesel,  90-130K miles, 4X4, two seatback DVD players, one overhead DVD player, Super Chip Flash Pack controller, rebuilt transmission, LT325/65R18 Nitto tires, American Eagle wheels, new rotors and brake pads, sound deadener on floor and roof...two year warranty on engine and drive train (parts only)... $53,900 base price, $55,700 with aftermarket navigation installed. Black interior panel upgrade add $4,000.
Built as a four door $38,000.

 READ: this is a package that has not been built, an alternative to a new conversion.

Call Tim Huskey direct 

Read....Read....Read...Read.....Don't just look at pictures!

Shown here with optional RBP 99 Fury 20" wheels add $3,000
Shown here with base model American Eagle wheels
Row one 40/20/40 with 11 and up center (20)
Row two 40/20/40 with 11 and up center (20)
Row three true X 60/40
Row four jump seat