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Six Door Super Duty Work Trucks
The Stretch Truck Company 

Six Door Super Duty Trucks
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Total since 1996                       500 +
Conversions completed 2016     35  Conversions completed 2017     38
Conversions completed 2018     34
Conversions completed 2019     30
Conversions completed 2020     26

1. The conversions on this page are examples of what we have built and delivered to satisfied customers in the past few years.

2. Occasionally we have conversions to sell outright, they can be found here.

3. Be sure and read this page and this options/price page before you call.

4. Notice: We are currently converting several 14/16 year model trucks into Excursions for customers. A 2019 "Aluma X" prototype X is under construction....stay tuned!

5. If you want to contact us CLICK HERE!

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2013 Ford Excursion sold to a satisfied customer in California
We have conversions located from Maine to California, Washington state to Florida, Texas to North Dakota....several overseas....let us build one for your company or family. Six door pickup trucks and Excursions. 100% satisfaction upon completion day and final inspection or your money back.
King Ranch Excursion, 4 or 6 take your pick
5,000 foot jet capable airport one mile away from our shop! Fly in and we will pick you up. Tell your pilot we are going to KGOK << Click for more information
2016 Ultra X Click Here! 
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The ultimate Excursion?
Super Bug Out Machine?
Ultimate Urban Escape SUV?
2012 Ford Excursion sold to a satisfied customer in Georgia
Six door Excursion with six inch lift
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6X6 Super Truck Page
Six Door 7.3L Truck
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The "twins" 2011 four door Excursions
4.5 Door Truck
Six Door Dually Pickup
2015 Ford Excursion
46 inch tire trucks
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2016 Six Door Dually
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Six Door Trucks
Ultra X serial # 004 CLICK HERE!
2019 Aluminum SD CLICK HERE!
2020 F 450! CLICK HERE!
Rat Patrol X!
How are the conversions built? CLICK HERE
All of the trucks on this page are examples of what we have built in the past.
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CABT Guthrie Oklahoma
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Please Stand By For The CABT ALUMA X!