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'11 - '16 Excursion conversions
(This process applies to pickup conversions too!)

READ THIS: We have built over 400 "new" X conversions, our first in 2009. How does the process work? You provide a 11-16 crew cab truck. You do NOT need to provide an Excursion body!

You talk to us about what you want as far as options are concerned. You email Martin at: with the details we discussed. 

We send you a quote.

You put a deposit down on your project to be put in line, $10,000 for Excursions. You can find your truck before or after, makes no difference.

​2017 and up year model trucks will NOT be converted into Excursions.
We WILL continue to convert '17 and up Super Duties into six door pickups.

From this.....
To this.....
What do you end up with?

Let's say you buy a Lariat "ultimate" F 250/350. Your finished X will be matched to the base truck. You will have all of the running gear from the base truck, new dash, engine, transmission, rear axle, fuel pump, springs, seats....

The back portion of your SUV will be the exterior skin, doors, and related interior parts from an Excursion we purchase from various insurance pools in the southwest United States, salt free states.
What you need to provide:

If you want a four door Excursion you need to buy a crew cab short bed F 250 or 350.

If you want a six door Excursion you need to buy a crew cab long bed F 250 or 350.

Buy the truck you want the Excursion to be finished as, if you want a Platinum Excursion that is what you need to provide. 

After your conversion is finished....

We can have your conversion shipped to you or you can fly in and drive it home.

Or this........
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