Since opening his salvage yard in 1994, 
the "parts" in Tim's company Cars and Parts by Tim
has afforded us the ability to develop far reaching contacts in the new and used parts business throughout the USA.

This is a key part of our conversion process as it allows us to acquire everything needed to build our trucks and SUV's at prices that are very affordable!

We utilize only the undamaged front and back halves of two donor vehicles, along with new parts, to build one custom vehicle.

These trucks are built using only the premium parts that come out of our yard, all damaged parts are discarded.
The result is a truck that, while showing from 100 miles to as many as 100K miles on its odometer, is a rebuilt almost like new vehicle.
If you have any questions concerning how our conversions are built please don't hesitate to call Tim direct on his cell 


Our trucks have traveled millions of miles in several countries with no problems concerning the frame whatsoever.....This is tougher than the factory frame!
Here we have a brand new F-350 a customer bought off the showroom floor...
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.....used to build a new 2016 four door Excursion!
Six door pickups? We have satisfied customers from Maine to California, 
North Dakota to Texas.
2016 six door pickup conversions starting at $33K
Here we have the rear skin from a grade A donor "X" being lowered onto an F-350 truck! When you order a new Excursion from us that is what you are getting for all practical purposes, the only thing not new is the rear Excursion skin. The factory warranty can be kept in place in most cases!
PLEASE NOTE: We do not put new front ends on old Excursions. We do not put new dashes in old Excursions. We do not put new 6.7L diesels in old Excursions.
We do not upgrade old pickups.
How are the new Excursions built?