Introducing the CABT/Verizon/NomadGCS F650
 (Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response)

A brief overlook of the history of the project

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Let CABT of Guthrie Oklahoma build you an F250 all the way up to an F650 SUPER TRUCK! 

5,000 foot jet capable airport one mile away from our shop! Fly in and we will pick you up. Tell your pilot we are going to KGOK.
The actual single cab truck was taken to Tulsa and converted to a 4X4 by Tulsa Truck MFG.
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Under construction at CABT
A video of CABT's work...
At Nomad GCS in Montana 
The finished truck (THOR) for Verizon
Meet THOR, the Verizon disaster response vehicle in a league of its own. Press release by Dave Boerger

Read (VIDEO) all about it here.